I'm a twenty-something married woman living in South-East London. In my work life, I'm currently a business manager while in my spare time I cook, garden, play video games, and write.

One Bento Wonder is a complimentary site to my other blog, One Bowl Wonder. One Bento Wonder will focus on bentos and lunches while One Bowl Wonder is a general cooking blog.

The bentos I post here will be, naturally, ones I have made for myself with maybe a few done for friends and family. Any recipe items will be linked to the relevant recipe page on One Bowl Wonder. Bentos will also contain approximate weights, nutrition information, and rough costs (in UK pounds).

I aim to not only eat healthy/healthier with bentos, but also save money in the long run. A tasty, appealing lunch which varies day to day is more appealing to me than the same thing day-in, day-out, and if I have a nice bento waiting for me it'll cut down on the need/want to buy something specific. Sure, some days I might want something specific, but if I know that I can make it myself it should cut down on the desire for it (not to mention the cost savings and health improvements).

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